Spring Home Tour 

Hello there! It has been awhile. In fact its been since before Christmas that we have been on our little blog. We have had a busy 3 months. The reason for our absence from the blog is because I(Kris) have been preparing my house to sell and Chelsi has been pregnant and tired haha. Everyday since January I have been busy organizing, sorting, donating, throwing away, decorating, and cleaning non stop. It has been exhausting but now that it is all done I can sit and soak in my nice, clean, organized house and hope it sells. Our house should be listed today! We have decided to sell our beautiful home and build a smaller home and a cabin for our family to enjoy. We are so excited to get designing and get the new house started. Last week we had the realtor come and take pictures of the house for the listing so we thought that was a perfect time for us to snap some photos of the house for the blog. Here is my Spring home tour. I have SIMPLIFIED soooooo much! It seems empty to me now but it is really refreshing! Take a look at my simplified spring home below!

In the kitchen I tried to eliminate as much clutter from the counters as possible. I have so much storage in our large butlers pantry and in all my cabinets that I really don’t have much need for anything on the counters anyways. To add some spring touches I simply added some tulips and easter eggs to my scale, and my pig to the counter. In the dining room area, again I simplified and got rid of a lot of stuff. If you remember back here by this black cabinet I had a settee and against the wall to the left I had a pie safe. Removing those two large pieces of furniture from the room made it much more spacious. For touches of spring I simply added touches of green. I filled my black cabinet with pewter and white dishes. I think it makes it simple and beautiful. Fresh flowers on the dining room table are always a simple way to bring Spring into the house. In my bedroom I stuck with the neutrals and a touch of blue. I love the simplicity. In our master bath I wanted to show our bathtub. I added this piece of wood to go across the tub and store some fresh house plants and soaps. Next to the bath I have this cute little antique stool to store  more plants or towels. In the entryway I left it pretty similar to what its like all year long. I added this new blue rug that I got from Overstock and a few blue accents like the throw, and the blue chair. For a touch of spring I had this long wooden candle holder that I got from decorsteals.com. I filled the spots where candles go with lambs year and lavender. It is the perfect touch of spring.

That is it for my Spring home tour. I know it was short but these were the areas that I simplified and loved. Hope you have your homes all cheery and ready for warmer weather! We have some fun blog posts planned for the future, so don’t worry we will not go MIA again. Until next time!

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