A Fall Scented Home 

 Does anyone feel like me?? I want to put on a sweater, sit by the fire, and read a great romance novel. Well that’s not going to happen today because it’s still 80 degrees outside. I’m so ready for fall even though the weather sometimes doesn’t cooperate. For years now I have done something that always gets me in the mood for fall and fall weather.I love a beautiful fragrant simmering pot. I add lots of random spices, fruits, herbs and water  to a pot to simmmer and it makes my house smell like fall instantly. Sometimes I let my imagination run a little wild with the things I put in my simmering pot and usually it smells wonderful! Today I am going to show you how to get that delicious fall scent in your house. Doesn’t this picture just look so lovely. I used fresh herbs from my garden. There was sage,thyme, and rosemary. Now the truth is, I don’t usually put in herbs but I decided to try them this time around and I LOVED THEM. All things in nature just seem to go together. I also added a tablespoon each of cinnamon, whole cloves, ginger, and pumpkin pie spice. Sometimes I throw some all spice whole kernels in as well. One thing I left out of this picture, and something I never forget is cinnamon bark. The last thing that I use in this fall simmering pot are oranges 🍊  lemons 🍋 and limes. Limes are my absolutly favorite thing in this right now because they were grown on my patio. I know, soooooo crazy for Eagle, Idaho but it’s true. I took a flower arranging class last winter and the teacher told us to grow lemon and lime trees in your house all winter and on the patio in the summer. I have to tell you my little trees are just loaded. I’m excited for my winter lemons and limes. Last time I was at homedepot I saw they still had lemon and lime trees so run there right now and get some. I also learned that the lemon trees keep the air in your house clean and smelling like citrus. I love all of these spices, herbs and citrus together. It makes my house smell like there is a delicious pie in the oven and it makes me hungry. All you do is add all of the herbs, spices, and citrus to your tea pot or just a saucepan. Its even so pretty all in the pot too. I love it when I get to use my pot filler 🤗. I cover the herbs and citrus with water, and maybe just a little more for measure, turn it on low and your home will smell glorious.Now just close your eyes and picture you’re in my kitchen with this simmer mixture going. Mmmm isn’t that nice. Now go make it in your house. Happy simmering everyone, and just remember even if it’s not feeling like fall at your house it will seem like fall when these happy scents are coming from the kitchen.

Just one last thing, for a christmas scent I pick some pine limbs off my tree and add some apples. That’s one of my favorites. Thats it for now. Good luck simmering!  Love you all 😍

4 thoughts on “A Fall Scented Home 

    1. I’m going to have to try this. It’s way into fall already here in North Idaho. And a good romance book sounds great too. 😉


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