Kris’s Fall Home Tour 

Happy Fall everyone. It is absolutely our favorite time of year around here. You will notice pumpkins are always our fall theme! When we built this house I wanted the big front porch and I’m serious when I say I could picture in my mind how pumpkins would look on the porch.Happy Fall everyone. It is absolutely our favorite time of year around here. You will notice pumpkins are always our fall theme! When we built this house I wanted the big front porch and I’m serious when I say I could picture in my mind how pumpkins would look on the porch.This year we are lucky to have had a huge crop of pumpkins. I filled the steps of the porch with all the little orange pumpkins. I found the fun unique pumpkins at our local grocery store and absolutely love them. img_2679 I have had this little cabinet and the pumpkin sign forever. I married the two this year and absolutely love my pumpkins in the cabinet with the for sale sign. This is my favorite thing this year. We made these huge clocks this year at our cousins craft weekend. It is so big and heavy so it is absolutely perfect on my front porch between my rockers. I do think I have s small addiction to crocks. This time of year I love my cream and brown jug crocks. They are perfect with this hot spiced cider sign. To the right of our front door I placed my black bench and partnered my succulents and a cozy pillow and blanket. With the sun behind the house in the mornings these little seating areas are perfect for fall mornings. This is by far my favorite piece of furniture that I own. It sits by my front door and is so easy to decorate because it is a decoration in itself. Its such a beautiful piece that two little white pumpkins are all the fall decorations this area needed. The ceilings in my house are 12 feet tall. They are so tall that I need a ladder to get to anything. My Fireplace mantel is so tall because of the tall ceilings. I cant even reach the mantel with my hand haha. When I had the idea to put crocks and pumpkins up on the mantel I needed a ladder and some help. Now looking at those crocks you thinking oh that’s so nice but what you don’t realize is those crocks are big and so heavy. They were so heavy to lift along with the heavy pumpkins. I am glad the mantel is sturdy at least. I just love how it turned out. I love this close up so you can see the cute detail in these unique pumpkins. We saved the seeds from a pumpkin last year and planted them. They were so fun to grow. I plan on saving more seeds to grow more fun pumpkins next year.

Behind my couch I have this dresser I found at a consignment store that I painted. I placed another pumpkin and a fun fall stitchery with it. I made this stitchery years ago and I put it up every Halloween season. It makes me happy. It doesn’t take much to decorate this gorgeous piece of furniture either. Five little pumpkins do the job. The other thing I love that is new is this metal piece I got from Decor Steals. It’s absolutely perfect on top of this. I was so happy when it came and it fit like it was made for this spot. I decided to add a little pumpkin pillow that I got from Pottery Barn to my bed. The blue dresser and orange and green of the pillow makes everything work perfectly. I love these small fall decorations in my bedroom. This is the first time I have added fall decorations in this room. Thank goodness for growing pumpkins in my garden. This is just a simple centerpiece running down the center of my dining room table. The beautiful blue and green pumpkins make me happy. Here is a view from the other end. This is my hutch with my brown transfer ware, pewter(which I have collected forever) and just a few pumpkins and more crocks. Yay for crocks haha This little perfect piece I got from Pottery Barn. I love it!! It has twenty five divided openings. ITs perfect for orange and white pumpkins and again more pewter. The berries are just from the yard and fit perfectly in my small glass jars. I love it now but I am already getting excited to decorate it for Christmas. More brown crock love. This was an absolute spur of the moment thing that I decided to do. Some sweet elderly friends gave us a bunch of apples off of their trees. I decided I would make and decorate a pie haha. I know what you’re thinking enough with the decorating. It was so fun to do. I wanted something beautiful on my huge scale and it does that purpose. Even the rolling pin has a special meaning. It was my Grandma Gorringes. I think of her everyday but especially when I use it. I may have mentioned earlier in the week that I added a secret ingredient to the pie. Well my husbands brothers are bee keepers so we use honey all the time. While making the pie I thought to myself “I am going to add some honey to the apple pie filling”. Honey really helps caramelize things so I thought it would be perfect and yummy in the pie. My pie filling recipe is easy. I used five large apples peeled and sliced. I sprinkled 2 Tbsps of flour over the top of the apples. I then used 1/2 cup brown sugar, 1/4 cup of honey, a couple of teaspoons of cinnamon, 1 teaspoon of ginger and 1 teaspoon of cloves. I then cut up 2 TBSP of butter and mixed it into the filling. The honey did what I thought it would and caramelized the filling. For the crust I just used a boxed mix which was fast and easy. The top was so fun to do. I really got my creative juices going. I have these cute cookie cutters and thy were perfect and easy. I also made some flowers out of the dough. You may be seeing more of these pies in the future.

img_2702I hope you all enjoyed a little glimps of our fall decorating and a little last minute pie making. We loved sharing our homes with you! Stay tuned for Maylee’s Fall home tour next week 😉

5 thoughts on “Kris’s Fall Home Tour 

  1. Kris your fall decor looks amazing! You do have a lovely home! So glad I was able to see your home “in real life.” Love May, Me, and Mom 🍁💛🍂


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