A Sophisticated Bachelor Pad

Decorating is what we love to do and decorating a clean slate is even better. My son recently built a house. Needless to say he is not a decorator, so when he said he wanted his small dining room decorated we jumped at the chance.

This is what the dining room looked like before we started. It was a plain room with gorgeous grey walls and my old oversized dining room table and chairs. The table and chairs were awesome and I loved them but they were just too big and dark for this room.

Since this is a bachelor pad, we tried to stick with masculine colors and decor. Chelsi had heard on the radio that World Market here in Boise was moving and having a huge sale. She went to checkout what they had and she scored all sorts of things for this room. We ended up getting this great wood and metal table, cushioned chairs, lamp, and the metal buffet all for 50% off! We spent less than $400 on those pieces. Can you say we got a good deal or what?

I found this cup holder online at an awesome site called Decor Steals.  I thought it fit perfectly in this spot and is great storage for his mugs. At that same shop I bought the wood and metal centerpiece.

We bought all the accessories at Ross or Tj Maxx. They always have the lowest prices and the cutest things.


My son found the rug online and he thought it was a good way to add lightness to the room since his floors and kitchen cabinets are so dark. He also purchased these metal chairs to match the metal in the buffet and table.

We all thought it came together very nicely. He may have thought it was a bit girly but that means it will be perfect for when he gets married šŸ˜‰

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