A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

This was one of the funnest and fastest projects I’ve ever done.  Maybe its because I did it with my neighbor and friend Tiffany.  Last week Tiffany’s Hubby was out of town, and you know what happens when husbands are gone…..projects,projects, projects.  Tiffany had a table and chairs out on her patio for awhile now, and she was wanting to paint them and get everything completely done before Jared got home.  I said, no problem.  We can get this done in no time.

This is how the chairs looked before we started.  I wish we had a picture of the table too but you get the idea.  Wooden top, green bottoms.  It was totally the 1990’s.  Another friend of ours, Patti, had just bought an old table and chairs from me and painted them with this incredible chalk paint you can buy at Walmart.  Patti’s project turned out unbelievably cute. So we decided to try the chalk paint .  The Waverley Paint is 10 dollars for 16 oz.  In total it took us 5 containers.


We first washed down the chairs and table with window cleaner, let it dry and started painting away. Using a brush, we started painting all the chairs upside down. This is a trick I have always done. This way you turn the chairs over to the right side and you are already almost done! While Tiffany painted the fronts, I painted the back and if she was painting the back I painted the front. We worked as a team. This made it go by so fast and this is what made it so fun.  We had two coats done in no time and can I just say, what a total transformation.

When it came time to paint the table top Tiffany rolled the chalk paint on with a small roller.  It really did give the tabletop a gorgeous finished look.  I painted the legs while she did the top and just like that we were done.  The thing about chalk paint is it dries so fast. After a few hours, Tiffany lightly sanded the chairs and the table top.  We were worried that when we sanded, the green paint from the original table would show through. We were happy to discover that when she sanded it lightly it looked like a beautiful black paint shining through. We looooooved it.  Just look at that detail!!!!  Gorgeous.

The chairs are so perfect.

We just thought we would show you a few different angles and pictures of the finished table and chairs.  What was once a 1990’s table and chairs,(green and brown) is now a beautiful outdoor table and chairs.  Of course it is on a back patio that is covered so this table and chairs should last a long long time.

We had to take a picture of the finishing touches to make a  beach look. We placed  a little sand in the bottom of these clear hurricane lamps and an outdoor candle in a wire basket .  If  you have the opportunity to help a friend in need, do it!  You can get your projects done in half the time but double the fun.  I think I should have help with all my projects now 😉

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