The Little Primitive Table  

Kris here! I hope everyone is having an awesome Thursday. I found this cute little table and thought I would tell you the story behind it. Earlier this spring, my youngest son got married. In the crazy preparation for the wedding, I found this primitive little table. I have quite the extensive herb garden, so when I saw this table I thought it would be absolutely perfect to set some of my herbs on for the reception. It was so perfect and cute at the reception. After the reception, I moved some things around and the little primitive table lost its appeal to me. I ended up sticking it in the corner. I kept looking at it as I would walk by and wondered what I should do with it. Then one day after changing my whole back patio around I thought it would be adorable as a coffee table. I then thought it would be an even cuter coffee table painted white.

I did just a quick coat of paint so I could still see some of the primitive details in the table. I love how the wood shows through in some spots.

It now has the permanent home as a coffee table on our back patio. 

I always say it but I am going to say it again. Never be afraid to paint! A fresh coat of paint can be a quick and easy fix to a boring piece of furniture.

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