A Backyard Reception

My brother Jordan got married to a wonderful girl, Eliza, at the end of April. They got married in the Salt Lake Temple and also had a wonderful reception in Salt Lake. The family wanted to have a reception in Eagle so all of our family and friends could come and meet Eliza and celebrate their marriage. My mom took on this project and did it well like usual. I helped her out a little. We decided to do the reception in her backyard since it was in May and a beautiful setting. We stuck to a natural color scheme with some pinks and greens in it. We also wanted to keep it pretty simple. Here are some of the ideas and things we did for the reception.


Most of the things that we decorated with were things that my mom had around her house already. We hardly bought anything for the reception. At the entryway we had this table, chair, and chalkboard to greet all of the guests. The chalkboard is something my mom has had for a long time and is usually on her front porch.


In the backyard we had a large tent set up. I don’t know how I didn’t get a picture of the whole backyard with the tent and everything. We used shears that I already had from my house to create a romantic entrance to the tent. We placed this large happily ever after chalkboard at the entrance with these flowers.


On both sides of the entry way to the tent we had bikes. Both are bikes that we already had and that we really do ride. We strapped on some baskets, placed mason jars with water in them and  loaded them with flowers. We then placed a potted lemon tree in the front of the bikes. This is where the guests placed gifts.


Inside the tent we had a long rectangle table in the back with this awesome J & E. This was from their actual reception that was in Utah.


We did all of the flower arrangements as well. On the center of all the tables we placed a slice from a tree stump. We had these leftover from my wedding reception. We then did the flower arrangements on wet floral foam blocks. We just cut the flowers so they only had a 2 inch stem and inserted them into the wet foam block. The flowers that are in season in May are gorgeous so we had it easy with the flowers. Most all of the flowers we actually bought at Trader Joe’s. They always have great prices on flowers. We ended up filling a whole shopping cart with flowers for the reception and I believe it was about $200! It was a great deal!


My mom also had these great old springs from a mattress that we placed test tubes in and placed two stems of peonies in.


Her is a view inside the tent. We hung three chandeliers in the middle. On top of the flower arrangements we placed bell jars. We also placed some greenery on the table that we just grabbed from the flower beds. There were also wedding and engagement pictures of Jordan and Eliza placed around the reception.


We weren’t so sure about the weather so we had a few blankets on hand just incase some people got cold. The reception ended up having perfect weather. A lot of family stayed after the reception while the cute couple opened gifts and the blankets came in handy then. imageIMG_3584

For the food at the reception we wanted to keep it simple. We served a variety of donuts. on the table we created a runner out of wood slices, added a few flowers and used our favorite metal and wooden platters. It turned out cute and the donuts were delicious.


I just realized we never got any pictures of the cute couple at the reception so her is on on their actual wedding day. We love having Eliza in our family now. Aren’t they the cutest? Their photographer, Rebecca Johnson, did such an amazing job.


With a simple backyard wedding or reception just use things you have around your house already, use flowers that are in season,  and keep the food simple. It will turn out great. We had a lot of fun planning and putting together this reception.

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