Transforming an Ordinary Pot into a Stunning Urn



From the first day we moved into our new house I have been looking for large pots to put on our front porch.  I wanted to have large cement urns.  Has anyone looked into buying large cement urns?  They are a small fortune, so I needed to get creative.  Our entryway and front porch is  12 feet tall and  when you walk up the steps it seems even taller. We needed some substantial sized pots on the front steps. One day I was at Hobby Lobby and way up high on a shelf  there were these huge pots .  The only thing I didn’t like was they were black fiberglass and I wanted cement. I loved the size of them. They are three feet tall so I went ahead and bought them. I researched a little bit on how to paint outdoor pots and I decided it was something I could do and something I was going to try.



This is the pot as I bought it.  Sorry for the terrible picture,  I had to take this off of Instagram because I accidentally deleted the original.  I hated the black and smooth finish that it had. I then decided to find some sort of paint to create a stone or cement finish to make them look more authentic.

I found this product called Stone and it was perfect.  I painted the pots with it and it started to look more and more like cement which is just what I wanted.  When I was finished painting them with this spray paint it was more of a sand finish and not exactly what I was going for.

imageThe picture above is the look after the first coat of the stone spray.  I did a few more coats but it still wasn’t what I wanted. I decided to paint over the top of the finish with the paint below.

spray pain


I sprayed the whole pot with that cream spray paint and the above picture is what it turned out to like.They still didn’t have the finish that I wanted so i added a few touches of some other paint. I had a dark grey that I rubbed in all the nooks and crannies just to make some darker shadows.  After I did the dark grey, I rubbed on a lighter grey everywhere.  I also applied a little cream paint to add a little variety.   In all seriousness I worked a couple days to get all the colors the way I wanted them.  After day two  I said “I’m done.”  But then I looked at them for a couple days and wasn’t loving them.  Then the thought came to me I needed to antique them.  That was totally what needed to be done. I used this Valspar Antiquing Glaze that you can buy at Lowes. I rubbed the Glaze all over the pots and magically they were exactly what I wanted.  They turned out perfect.



imageHere is the pot completely finished and filled with flowers on the front step.  The little pot sitting in front of it thats been done to the point of the cream colored spray paint.  I didn’t do the antiquing or paint on that one yet.  I thought I would  show you the difference.  Now that the pots have been sitting on the front step with flowers and being watered everyday they are getting even more beautiful.  If you look carefully at the pots you can see that rust from the inside of the posts where a screw connects the top to the bottom is starting to rust out onto the paint.  I love it.  It makes the pots look even more like an authentic concrete.  This was not a fast project, but well worth the effort .

imageI am glad I got the fiberglass planters and created this cement look for my front porch.  I hope you go and try this fun and beautiful project out! Share with us your pictures if you try it out. We would love to see them.

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