Strawberry Pickin in Papa’s Garden


Nanna and Papa’s garden is packed with strawberries. They have three planter boxes full. Last week we picked a whole container of strawberries and we did the same today. I took Maylee out to the garden to help out this time. She actually did really well at picking them but just like any baby they went straight into her mouth. She had a great time.



Since we had so many strawberries we had to figure out what to do with them. We decided to use some the strawberries to make freezer jam since it’s a family favorite. Justin, my husband, could eat a whole container of it in a week. We ended up making tons of it… Eight batches to be exact. Freezer jam is seriously so simple. All we do when we make ours  is follow the instructions on the pectin packet that you can buy at any grocery store. We then packaged them up in these cute little jars. Since our houses are overflowing with jam we thought we could give some as gifts to friends a neighbors. Whenever we give a gift of course we like to make it cute. We went ahead and painted the tops of the lids this bright red to match the strawberries. We found these cute tags from Target and simply labeled them and tied them on. This could also be a simple party favor for a bridal shower, wedding, or baby shower.


Another family favorite is fresh strawberry pie. We made a couple of these pies in the past few weeks with our abundance of strawberries. This recipe was my grandma, Betty May Griggs, recipe. Every summer when we went to visit we loved when she made it. It is also a simple pie recipe. The crust is my favorite pie crust recipe and seriously only has three ingredients. Tomorrow on the blog we are going to post step by step instructions on making this delicious dessert.


We love sharing all our family favorite recipes and ideas with you! Come back tomorrow to learn this easy as pie recipe!


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